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Creating those glowing, red call to action buttons

Call To Action buttons are important for drawing attention and encouraging conversions on a landing page.


Here is how you can create a button like this one:


 Go to the website below – It’s free to use, and you don’t even have to sign up!

Screenshot (158)

Here are the exact specifications we used for the button above.


  • Logo Text: “What do you want your button to say?”
  • Font: Click on the font, choose Modern, then Kimberley.
  • Text Size: 20


  • Shape: Rounded
  • Outline Thickness: Thick
  • Outline Color: Red (Click and choose)

Screenshot (156)

  • Shadow Type: Glow


  • Render Effect: Gel
  • Mouse Over: Glow

Everything else we left as is. Remember, you can experiment to see what you like! Once you are happy with the results, click CREATE BUTTON

Download just the first image to your computer as that is all that you will need, then upload it to your post or page where you’d like to place the CTA Button. For more detail on how to create a post or page from scratch, please look here.

From within the visual editor of the post or page you want to place the button in, click “Add Media” and upload the button from your computer.

Screenshot (801)

Once the image has been uploaded into your media library, look on the right hand side and you’ll see the drop down that says “Link to Media File” Click on that and choose “Link to custom URL”

Screenshot (802)

Now, copy the link of the page or post or web address that you would like your button to link to, paste it in the URL box that appears, and click “insert into post”

Screenshot (803)

That’s it! Now you have a fully functioning CTA Button. Publish or update your post/ page as usual and test your new button to confirm that it works!