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Done with Step #7, now what do I do?

It’s time to customize the content and offers on your blog.


Take the time to do this part right, always keeping your niche in mind!

Here are the recommended things to do at this point:

  • Start going through the tutorials located on this site under “Theme Customizations” and “Managing The Sidebar.”
  • Start creating niche-focused content for your blog. Create enough so that a prospect in your niche that visits your site sees and credibly believes that you are in service for them! This usually takes around 6 articles to write, that help transform the home page of your blog to be very niche focused.
  • Read this article on how to protect any changes you make to content originally created by PSMU, if you don’t want your changes over-written when we do future content updates.
  • Review the “Mobile Friendly Options” to make sure your blog looks great and works well on all mobile devices (this is not necessary for the Performer’s Theme).
  • Pick up the GETTING STARTED series after the creation of your blog. Just click on the link in the main navigation of the University to continue putting your full social media marketing plan in place.

IMPORTANT: To set the expectations of the kind of content that you are going to need, how to use your blog as the hub of your business AND #1 referral center for everything that you do online, please READ THIS ARTICLE.

Content is King

Remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day! Take the time to get your blog to a place where you would feel proud to share it with your niche. There is no race, this is all at your own pace.

Your blog doesn’t need to have a ton of new articles, but it needs to have enough content that you look credible to your niche. Start by taking over the content that is currently represented on the home page (move the other content off the home page by creating your new niche focused content…but don’t delete what’s already there).

It is most important that your niche realizes that you are there first and foremost to serve their needs, not just to make a sale! That part will come after you expand your warm market by building new relationships within your niche.

If you have not already identified your target market niche and created your brand promise, then please watch the foundational webinar in the University, “Branding Equals Your Social Media Success.”