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Having difficulties receiving email notifications on your Gravity Forms?

Taking care of this problem is an easy fix


The changes that you need to make are quite simple!

This is a notorious issue with WordPress and one that is well documented…simply look at this Google search and all the results…

If you have checked your Free Consultation form, or any of the other forms that you may have created with a plugin on your blog, like Gravity Forms, then you may want to change the “From Email” field in the notifications area of each of your forms to ensure that the notifications are not going to junk or spam folders. The steps are very simple to take!

WHY DO I WANT TO CHANGE MY EMAIL TO ANOTHER ONE IN THE “FROM EMAIL” FIELD? – It all comes down to WordPress sending out emails from what ever email address you put in the “From Email” fields on forms. Just think if you put in that field? What would stop you? To stop anyone from using anyone else’s email addresses, all emails from “non-authenticated” email addresses just go to spam. So here is a simple fix…we have a fully authenticated email address that you can use as the “sending” email address if you just follow these next set of directions.

As an example, to make the desired changes for Gravity Forms, just go to your blog’s dashboard > forms > select a form and click on it > go to form settings > go into notifications > click on the admin notification > change the “From Email” field to have the following email address… Also, please make sure to leave the “Reply To” field blank (as this may create conflicts that red flag your email notifications and cause them to go to spam if the FROM and REPLY emails are different). As the admin, you will now receive emails from as the sending email address when your new lead forms are filled out…and only you will see those emails as the admin of your blog. Because that email address ( has been fully authenticated, the email notifications from new form submissions (new leads) will come automatically to your email inbox as they should, and not into your spam folder.

After making these changes, please test your form to see that you are properly receiving your email notifications.

You should go through the same steps for any User Notifications that you have created in your forms. However, just know that the email address on those notifications to users (people who have filled out your forms) will be coming from as well. If you don’t want that email address shown to potential leads, then we would suggest going into your form’s settings > confirmations and have people go directly to a thank you page or have a message pop-up that tells them what to expect now that they have submitted your form. Otherwise, follow the same steps as in the paragraph above (i.e. leaving the “Reply To” field blank, and then including your email address in the body of the message itself so they know how to get a hold of you.