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How do I manage the Ad Banner in the header?

The Ad Banner is basically an image with text showing an enticing offer.


It’s always linked to another page where the reader can take advantage of said offer.

Screenshot (792)

For tips on how to create the graphics for your Ad Banner, please use free services like,, or our training located here.

The ad banner size is 468×60 pixels.

When you have the graphics ready, navigate to:

Dashboard > Builder’s Theme > Banner Ad Top

Leave the first two areas as is, and scroll downwards.

save changes

Notice that the Banner Ad Top – Image Location has no upload button, so you’re going to have to upload your graphics to your blog’s media library like this:

Open up a new tab/window and navigate to:

Dashboard > Media > Add New

Screenshot (793)

Select the Ad Banner graphics from your computer, or drag and drop. When it finishes uploading, a thumbnail of the image will appear as shown in number 5.

Click Edit, and it will bring you to this page:

Screenshot (506)

Copy the File URL, and paste it into the Banner Ad Top – Image Location box.

The Banner Ad Top – Destination is the page that you want the reader to be taken to when they click on your ad. Fill it in with the relevant link and finish by saving your changes.