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How do I protect changes I make to blog content originally created by PSMU?

Your PSMU blog is 100% yours to customize and keep!


Our team has created professional blog templates for beginners to assimilate and easily learn from however, you still have complete control over what happens on your own site once you are registered.

Your blog originally comes with some articles already crafted but you are free to keep, delete, or edit this content at will while on our service, to better portray your personal brand image and message. One thing to note is that if you choose to keep the original content, it will be affected by the edits and upgrades that we do on our servers from time to time to improve on our offering, which will automatically overwrite any edits you may have done.

To protect your content from these upgrades, you simply need to change the slug (link) on those posts or pages. The slug is that part of the URL that appears after your site name. It can easily be changed as shown below:

Log in to your dashboard and open up the editor for the post/page that you want to protect.

Screenshot (776)

Click Edit next to the permalink in the area highlighted in red above, and make that change. It doesn’t have to be anything drastic either. An extra word, letter or number will suffice.

Click Update to save these changes, and you’re done!

Another question we receive often is whether or not you can keep your blog content in case you need to cancel your PSMU blog hosting service. The answer is Yes for all the content that you originally create. The content created by PSMU cannot be transferred off our service.

Simply go to Dashboard > Backup > Export Content.