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How to add a graphical header to all pages on my blog?

Add an important message to your niche on every page of your blog!


This is one of the most prominent opportunities to customize your blog.

Your blog’s header appears on every post and page by default and automatically displays the text from your Site Title and Tagline.

So why make a change?

By creating a custom, graphical header, it is a great opportunity to let your niche know what you do for them at a glance!

This is one of the most important ways that you can customize your blog.

Also, a graphical header can say so much more at a glance (a picture is worth a thousand words). Make sure to keep your graphic simple and easy to read with just a glance. You want your niche to see and understand what you do for them with very little effort.

Below is a good example for what a great header graphic looks like:

Header Graphic Example

It is pretty hard not to know what this business does and for who!

Lot’s of University members use a service like to help them create a graphical header for very low, reasonable rates.

Step 1.

Log in your account and go to your dashboard.

Step 2. 

Click your THEME NAME > GENERAL SETTINGS > CUSTOM LOGO from your dashboard.

Step 3.

In the CUSTOM LOGO area, you can either upload an image from your computer or copy and paste in an image URL if you have that.

Make sure that your header graphic is the right size for use on your blog! Here are image dimensions to use:

  • 915×90 pixels for Builder’s Themed blogs. There is also a shorter length image size (400×90) that will only place a custom header image on the far left side, leaving the ability to keep the ad banner on the right side of the header if you desire. For Builder’s Themed blogs only, to enable the full width header (915×90), you need to disable the “Banner Ad Top” settings at Dashboard > Builder’s Theme > General Settings > Banner Ad Top (468x60px).
  • 915×125 pixels for Achiever’s Themed blogs. You can make the image as tall as you want on this theme, but stick to the 915 pixels for the width.
  • 950×100 pixels for the  Grower’s Themed blogs. You can make the image as tall as you want on this theme, but stick to the 950 pixels for the width.

Step 4.

Uncheck the “Text Title” box to disable your Site Title and Tagline text from appearing in your header.

Text Title

Save your work and you are good to go!