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How to add a link within my post or page?

Links are connectors between two different points on the web.


They are sort of like place holders that show your visitors where to find related content on your own site or outside of it; without having to search at all.

To add a link while creating your post or page in the editor, simply highlight the words that you would like to add the link to, then click on the chain-like icon shown below.

Screenshot (782)

Next, copy and paste your link into the destination URL box, click Add Link and you’re done!

Screenshot (783)

You also have the option to link to existing content i.e. one of the posts or pages you have already published on your site.

Checking the “open link in a new tab” option is good practice as it will ensure that your readers do not leave and subsequently lose the page they are currently viewing.

To edit your link, simply click on it in the editor, and choose the little pencil icon that shows up. The “X” will delete the link altogether.

Screenshot (784)