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How to change link colors?

Links are connectors between two different points on a website or to another destination online


They are sort of like place holders that show your visitors where to find related content on your site, without having to search at all.

link definition

This is a link to our homepage for this site.

Links also serve a vital function in site navigation, and should be easily accessible. One way to ensure this is by highlighting them using a color that stands out from the rest of the text on the site.

You can pick which color you want your links to be within the top, featured section of your blog and footer by navigating to:

Dashboard > Builder’s Theme > General Settings > Theme Stylesheet.

Screenshot (812)

You will see that as you pick the different CSS options, links within your posts and pages will change to match the new color styles.

Please note that changing the CSS options in this theme not only changes internal links within posts and pages, but also the background header color and the color of the Continue Reading buttons too (an example is the blue areas of the header and the continue reading button in the image below).

Screenshot (810)

This setting will not affect the links in your header or main navigation area.