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How to change the background of your site.

Give your site a new look by customizing your background! 


Read on to see how you can easily change your background to better suit your brand colors. 

In the image below, we have set the site to a bright blue background for demonstration purposes.


You have two options for customizing your background, either through image or color.

To change your background color, go to:

dashboard – appearance – customize – layout/ design option – basic colors – background color

Click on the “select color” button and you’ll see this screen below where you can either click anywhere in the box to choose a color, or just enter a color code if you have one, where it says #ffffff


Another option is to upload a background image. To do that, go to:

dashboard – appearance – customize – layout/ design option – background image then click “select image


If you want to upload one image, try to have it be at least 1920 x 1280 pixels, but uploading one large image can slow down your page’s loading speed. We recommend using a smaller image that can be tiled. All this means is that when put together (tiled) on your page, you can’t see the edges (it just makes one nice and seamless pattern).

Uploading an image will overwrite the colors option.

Remember, you do not want the background color/ image to steal the focus from your blog content, so make sure you choose an image that complements your lay out without overpowering it.