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How to edit the “ABOUT US” section.

This is the About section of your homepage.


It is a perfect place to communicate your value offering to your potential customers.


To edit it, go to:

dashboard – appearance – customize – widgets – home main content area – AT About Section 

Click on the upside-down triangle and you’ll see the screen below:


You can change the Title and Short Description to whatever you want.

Next, you’ll need to create sub pages for the parent page following this tutorial.

The parent page can contain an in-depth narrative of your business and/or personal story, or your branding strategy platform.

The sub pages will contain brief summaries of your business offerings. You can talk about your services or the value proposition that you have for your clients. The content entered in each of the sub pages is what you see displayed on the homepage as shown above.


About Number determines how many sub pages will be displayed.

Number of Words in Content determines how much of your description in the sub pages will be displayed in the About section.

Column Number determines how many columns you want your About sub pages to be displayed in, side by side.

You can use the Button Text and Button Link URL to connect to your About parent page, or leave it blank if you prefer.

Click the blue save & publish button to save your changes.