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How to edit the “FROM OUR CLIENTS” section of your homepage.

The testimonials section is really important for social proof.


Use it to display positive feedback from your past clients.

This kind of social proof helps to boost your credibility and win the trust of your potential customers.


To edit it, go to:

dashboard – appearance – customize – widgets – home main content area – AT Testimonial Section 

Click on the upside-down triangle and you’ll see the screen below:


You can change the Title and Short Description to whatever you want.

Next, you’ll need to create sub pages for the parent page following this tutorial.

While creating the sub pages, the person’s name and anything about them goes into the title of the sub-page, and what they say goes into the content box.

The parent page can contain a collection of all your testimonials from your clients, or you can even leave it blank if you don’t intend to share the page.

The sub pages will contain your best testimonials that you would like to share on your homepage.  The content entered in each of the sub pages is what you see displayed on the homepage as shown above.


Testimonial Number determines how many testimonials will be displayed.

Number of Words in Content determines how long your testimonials will be.

Button Text and Button Link URL can be linked to the main testimonials page (parent), or you can leave it blank like we did.

You can also change the background image of the section by clicking on the upload image button. Recommended size 1920 x 1000 pixels.

If after editing you don’t immediately get the “save & publish” option, look for “apply” at the bottom of the widget, click on that, and then you’ll be able to save your changes.