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How to edit the “GET IN TOUCH” section of your homepage.

Make it easy for your readers to contact you.


Use an email address that you check often! 


To edit it, go to:

dashboard – appearance – customize – widgets – home main content area – AT Contact Section 

Click on the upside-down triangle and you’ll see the screen below:


You can change the Title and Short Description to whatever you want.

For the shortcode, you’ll need to go to dashboard – contact – add new in a new tab of your browser.

This will automatically create a new form. Give your form a name where it says “Enter title here” then click on “Mail


Change the fields shown above as follows:

To : your own email address where you want the messages to be sent. 

From : just copy and paste this email address into the” from” field. You can read more about that here. (You may get an error message at this point but that’s normal. The plugin thinks you should be using a domain associated with the blog, like your domain so it shows an error message but it won’t affect the functionality of the form. Please disregard if it happens).

Leave the rest of the fields as is, and click the blue “save” button.

After you save it, a blue line with code will appear beneath your form title.


Copy that code and paste it where it says “enter shortcode” at dashboard – appearance – customize – widgets – home main content area – AT Contact Section in the previous tab that you had opened before. 


You can also select a background image for your contact section by clicking on the “upload image” button. Recommended size 1920 × 1280 pixels. 

When you finish customizing, first click “Apply” then click “Save & Publish”