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How to edit the “LATEST NEWS” section of your homepage.

This is where all of your latest blog posts show up when you create and publish them.


Note that you can only display posts, not pages in this area.


To edit it, go to:

dashboard – appearance – customize – widgets – home main content area – AT Posts Column

Click on the upside-down triangle and you’ll see the screen below:


You can change the Title and Short Description to whatever you want.

Next, you’ll need to select which posts you want to have displayed in that section. It could either be all of the latest posts, or just posts from a given category.


About Number determines how many posts will be displayed.

Column Number determines how many columns you want your posts to be displayed in, side by side.

Number of Words in Content determines how long your post excerpts will be.

You can use the Button Text and Button Link URL to connect to your main blog/ posts page, or leave it blank if you prefer.

If after editing you don’t immediately get the “save & publish” option, look for “apply” at the bottom of the widget, click on that, and then you’ll be able to save your changes.

The recommended image size here is 250 x 250 pixels for the featured image of each new post you create.