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How to edit the slider section at the top of the homepage of your blog.

This is referred to as the Featured Section.


It’s arguably the most important section of your blog as it determines what your visitor’s first impression will be.

The recommended image size here is 1920 × 1280 pixels. 


To edit it, go to:

dashboard – appearance – customize – featured section options – featured slider selection 


As you can see above, there is a drop down menu from where you can choose the content of your featured slider section either from your recent posts, categories, a parent page, or custom.

We recommend the custom option as you’ll be able to keep your message consistent without having it automatically change with every new blog post you create.


You’ll need to manually upload an image then set up the slider title, description, and link for each new slide.


Setting up one slide will keep the Featured area static, and any more will make it a slider.

The slider button text is what will show up below the post in the slide. The link url is the page you want your visitors to land on when they click on the slider button.

You can also make the Featured Slider area at the top move faster or slower, dispaly more slides/ posts, or have more words.

To do that, go to dashboard – appearance – customize – featured section options – featured slider options. 


Just increase or decrease the values shown above depending on what you want.

As a rule of thumb, if you enable autoplay then the controls (“Next” / “Prev” arrows) should be hidden and if you disable autoplay,  “Next” / “Prev” arrows should be shown.


To disable the slider area completely, go to dashboard – appearance – customize – featured section options – enable feature section then uncheck that little box.


There are more options for how to use the slider, showing page/post content or all text in the slider area at the top of your blog’s home page. The training above has all been geared towards our recommended use of the slider in the CUSTOM mode.

Here is a little bit on the other options for your reference:

For the page/ parent page, you’ll need to assign sub pages to a given page, and then those will be the ones to show up in the slider.

For the slider type, full slider shows the title and the featured image from each post, while text slider only shows the title.

Please note that the slider background image can be set from dashboard –  appearance –  customize – header options – header image. This is the image that will show up if you choose to use the “text” slider.

For the full slider, both the text and featured image will slide, while the text slider only slides the words, and the header image stays put.