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How to edit your site COLORS.

Give your site a new look by customizing your colors! 


Here’s how you can easily change the colors to better suit your brand.

First, you’ll need to log into your blog following these instructions.

That will take you to the dashboard of your site.

Open your site in a new tab, and you will see a black bar with editing options as shown below:

Point your mouse cursor where it says GROWTH THEME (or your site title), then click on THEME CUSTOMIZER.

On the next screen, click on GENERAL SETTINGS > LAYOUT SETTINGS, then point your mouse cursor on the thin grey line shown below and drag it downwards.

Next, you’ll see the area below where it says THEME ACCENT COLOR.

Click on the blue SELECT COLOR button, then scroll downwards and you’ll see the section below where you can choose a new color.

Drag option (1) around the colored area to choose a new color, or just click on any of the colored boxes above option (2)

Drag option (3) to increase or decrease the intensity/ shade of the color you’ve chosen.

Option (4) is where you’ll paste your color code if you already have one. If you don’t, then disregard and choose a color manually using options (1), (2), and/or (3) above.

Click on the button option (5) to return to the default theme colors if you need to, and then finally save your changes by clicking on button (6)

Note: This will only change the highlight colors of the theme.

For instructions on how to change the colors of each of the sections, you’ll need to refer to the individual section tutorials.