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How to manage my fonts?

Font refers to the general appearance of text on your site. It is the structure and style of your words.


Font is to technology as handwriting is to humans.

Elements of font that you may be familiar with include bold, italics, color, among others. You can also select font types like Aerial, Times, Cambria as popular examples.

To  change the font of your site, log in to your WordPress admin then navigate to

Dashboard > Achiever’s Theme > Typography > General Typography

Screenshot (821)


  1. Enable Custom Typography allows you to use your own specialized font if you like.
  2. General Typography will change the font of the whole website at once.
  3. Navigation affects only the menu.
  4. Post Title will change what your titles look like and leave the rest of the site intact.
  5. Post Meta is for extra information about the post, like tags.
  6. Post Entry will change the words in the body of your posts.
  7. Widget Titles affects only widgets.

Manipulating the fonts.

manipulating font

  1. Size: you can make your words larger or smaller.
  2. Units: em is dynamic and will automatically adjust to fit any screen/ device. Perfect if you want a mobile friendly site. px is a fixed font size and won’t change in response to screen size.
  3. Font Types: Experiment to see which you like best.
  4. Style: Normal, Bold, Italics, Bold/Italics
  5. Color: Clicking on the box will bring up a screen where you can choose whichever color you want.
choose font color

Pick a color at the rainbow, then drag that little circle around to choose a shade.

6. Color Code: Use only if you already know the code of the color you want. Otherwise, disregard and choose with the box instead. This part will adjust automatically.

7. Preview: Clicking on this will create a preview of your final font for you. The words appear automatically.

preview font

Experiment until you find a font that you like, and don’t forget to save the changes!