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How to transfer your blog to the Progress Theme.

The Progress Theme is a new addition to our collection of website templates.

Below are the guidelines for transferring your blog to the Progress Theme. 

Before you change themes, please read through this article on what to expect when you transfer.

  • Start by going to dashboard – appearance – themes – click on the Progress Theme, and then “activate”


  • Next, go to dashboard – pages – add new. Name the page “home” or whatever you like, and publish. You don’t need to add anything else to the page, just the title.
  • Navigate to dashboard – settings – reading – front page displays – a static page


Set the new “home” page you just created as the front page, and your “blog” as the posts page and save changes.

  • Navigate to dashboard – appearance – menus and set your main menu as the “primary menu”


  • Next, go to dashboard – appearance – widgets and check to see if your sidebar widgets are still in place. Some may have moved into the inactive widgets section, or maybe the left sidebar area. Just click on the upside-down triangle and drag any widgets you find into the “main (right) sidebar”


  • Go to dashboard – appearance – customize – single post option – feature image option – hide featured image.Screenshot_2016-08-07-10-29-09
  • Go to dashboard – plugin library – all – search for “Contact form 7” and activate it.
  • Now you can customize your homepage following the tutorials at under theme customizations – progress theme customizations.


Please note that for all of the widget sections, you’ll need to add the widget yourself, then customize it according to the tutorials.

The home page for this theme is controlled by easy to use widgets with simple upload, click and fill in text features.

When you get to dashboard – appearance – customize – widgets – home main content area, use the + Add a Widget button to add the widget with the same name as the section you’re editing/ creating,  then customize according to the rest of the tutorial.

You may also need to resize your images, depending on how they transferred over.