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How to upload a logo and banner to your site.

Your logo is an image that represents your business and helps to cultivate brand recognition.

It is displayed in the same area as the Site Title and Tagline. To use one, you need to disable the other.

Please note that the recommended size for the logo to display correctly is 225 x 75 pixels.

To upload a new logo, go to DASHBOARD > APPEARANCE > CUSTOMIZE

Screenshot (860)


Screenshot (862)

Disregard the first two settings and upload your logo where it says “Select Image


You can also set up a banner for your site. This is a wider and larger version of the logo that will appear below the menu on all pages except the homepage.

Screenshot (864)

To set that up, continue scrolling downwards right below the logo area and you’ll see the word “Banner”

Select an image from you media library or desktop and save your changes.


Please note that the banner needs to have a width of 1120 pixels to display well across the entire screen.  The height can be anything you want. The default one that comes with the blog is 1120 x 200 pixels.

And finally, this is where the Footer Copyright appears on your blog if you set it up.

Screenshot (865)

The Google Analytics Code area you can leave blank until you get instructions (and code) to paste there.