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Managing the “Highlights” section of the home page

This is another great area to showcase niche specific content


Consider putting some of your niche’s irresistible offers here.


Screenshot (815)

To manage the HIGHLIGHTS area of the home page, go to your DASHBOARD > ACHIEVER’S THEME

Now click on “SUB FEATURED” from the left navigation.

The next set of steps correspond to the four sections shown above:

  1. Check the “Enable Sub Featured Area “ box. This enables the whole Highlights section to display on your home page. If left un-checked, the Highlights section will no longer display on your home page.
  2. Type into the “Section Name” field the name that you want this section to be called. By default, we have added the name HIGHLIGHTS. You can change that to what ever you want, or leave it exactly as is.
  3. Type into the “Sub Featured Tag” field any tags that you would like to add to posts that you want to be displayed in the Highlights section of your home page. These tags are what tell the theme what posts to include in this area. You can add multiple tags by separating it with a comma. We have already included the “Highlights” and “Spotlight” tags as you can see in the image above. What this means is that any post tagged with the word “Spotlight” or “Highlights” will be included in the Highlights area of your home page. Posts in this area will show up with the most recent at the left.
  4. Choose the number of posts that you want to include in the Highlights area within the “Sub Featured Entries” drop-down selector. If you select more than three, a new row of Highlights posts will be created directly below.


In order to make sure that the proper image appears in the Highlights area at the top of your home page, make sure to upload a “featured image” for that post.

You will find the “featured image” area on the post’s edit screen, on the bottom of the right-hand side.

Screenshot (481)


The exact featured image size to use in the Highlights section of posts is 192×100 pixels. However, if you are close in size, the theme will automatically fit it into image space provided on the home page. Where you can run into problems is using images that are not wide or tall enough. In this case the theme will automatically stretch them, making them look awkward and sometimes fuzzy.

That’s it!