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Managing the Latest News section of the home page

This is where your most recent posts will naturally appear


This is the only area of the home page where posts will display automatically.

Below is an example of the Latest News section as it comes by default on your blog. Please note that there are no settings that NEED to be updated to this section. However, this tutorial shows you what customization options you have at your disposal. As an FYI, most University members don’t make any changes to the settings for this section of the home page.

Screenshot (816)

This section of the home page is meant to literally be the latest news from your blog. The most recent post that you have created will automatically be at the top of the latest news section of the home page. The only deviation from this would be if you have “stickied” another post to artificially keep it “stuck’ to the top of the listings of posts in this section.


To manage the Latest News section of the home page, go to your DASHBOARD > ACHIEVER’S THEME.

Now click on “Dynamic Images” from the left navigation.

Dynamic Images

Leave all the settings exactly as they are that you see in the image above. The settings all have to do with the size of the image and how it is automatically re-sized for you to fit exactly in the image space provided in the latest news section of the home page.

You can see in the image above, that the exact image size for the Latest News section is 628 pixels wide and 130 pixels tall.

As you scroll down, you will see the rest of the settings. Leave these settings as they are as well.

Dynamic Images

However, if you look at the last two settings in the image above, there are some choices that you may want to know about:

  • Show thumbnail in Single Posts – This automatically places the featured image (scroll down for an explanation of the featured image) in the post’s content. Click the check-box for “Show thumbnail in Single Posts” and new settings will appear below it.

Dynamic Image Settings

You can change the size of the image (Single Image Dimensions) and how it will be positioned on the live post itself (Single Post Image Alignment).

Since the image size (shown above as 200×200) will most likely be different than the actual size of your featured image, it will crop the image you use.

The “Featured Image” is uploaded on the post’s edit screen, on the far right bottom (see image below). This featured image is what will be used to display the actual image used on both the home page and within the posts content as well…even though the dimensions for both of those uses are quite different.

Screenshot (481)

Please see the example below for what the the image thumbnail looks like inside the live post after clicking on the “Show Thumbnail in Single Posts” settings option.

Screenshot (817)

The image is on the right, as per the settings above for “Single Post Image Alignment.” Since this is a global setting, all posts will have the featured image cropped to 200×200 pixels in size and inserted automatically on the right, top of the live post.

IMPORTANT: All posts may not have an image that looks great in the Latest News section on the home page (first priority) and cropped for use within the posts content as well. We recommend that if you want that image inside your post, then manually add it.

The last setting under the “Dynamic Images” is related to adding a thumbnail image to your RSS feed (see below):

Dynamic Images

You can check that box and then your feed will include not only the text of your post, but that image as well.

Now continue down and click into the “Layout Options” area.

Layout Options

These are two easy settings:

  • “Managing Layout” simply puts the sidebar on the left or right side on the home page and all posts.
  • “Home Page – Two Columns” will make the home page listing show two columns versus one in the Latest News section of the home page.

This is how the Latest News section of your blog comes by default, with the posts stretching across the home page in a single column.

Screenshot (816)

Now let’s see what happens when you check the box for “Homepage – Two Columns” as shown below:

Two Columns

Now your blog posts on the home page, Latest News section, will be shown in a two column format.

Screenshot (818)

To make sure that the featured images for each of these posts fits into the two column format, that is now has half the width for images, please go back to the “Dynamic Images” area and change the width from 628 pixels to 314.

If you make this change, just remember this new set of dimensions when creating images for your posts that will show in the Latest News section of the home page by default.

Dynamic Images

The exact featured image size to use in the Latest News section of posts is what is shown in the “Thumbnail Image Dimensions” (see image above). However, if you are close in size, the theme will automatically fit it into the image space provided on the home page. Where you can run into problems is using images that are not wide or tall enough. In this case the theme will automatically stretch them, making them look awkward and sometimes fuzzy.