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Managing the “WHO ARE WE?” section.

This is the About section of your homepage.


It is a perfect place to communicate your value offering to your potential customers.

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A good rule of thumb for writing an About page is to make it more focused on the customer and the things you can do for them, rather than making it about yourself. Please refer to our branding webinar for more information on this.

To edit this section, navigate to DASHBOARD >APPEARANCE > CUSTOMIZE > ABOUT US SECTION

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In the Settings you can turn it off and the Main Content is where you’ll put your description of your business.

Features 1 to 4 are the ones that we have set to 100 each, but you can definitely use different percentages in this place to demonstrate your skills or service packages. Anything goes, as long as it represents your brand image well. You also have the option to add a description using the Text tab.

The Colors section gives you an opportunity to change the palette.

You can also add widgets in this space to display your clients and partners if you so wish. Within the About Us Section Widgets tab, click on the “Add a Widget” button, search for the word “succeed” and choose the Succeed – Clients Widget.

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Next, fill out the blank spaces and upload images where necessary, and add another widget for every new client.

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