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Managing your blog’s main navigation

Create custom navigation to your top content


This is the best way to create easy access to what you want your niche to find most! 

Screenshot (805)

To edit your menu, go to Dashboard > Appearance > Menus.

Screenshot (806)

On the left, you have all the items that you can add to your menu. You can choose from pages, posts, categories, and custom links.

Screenshot (808)

In each case, just click on the upside down triangle and it will give you items to select. Click the little circle before each, and then Add to Menu. 

The custom links work a little differently. You have to copy and paste the link you want into the URL box, give it a title in the Link Text area, then add it to the menu.

Screenshot (618)

If you want a non clickable tab in your menu with clickable drop-downs then use the custom link option discussed above. Put any random link into the URL area and then delete the link after you’ve added it to the menu. Simply use the backspace button on your keyboard for this.

On the right is the menu structure that will actually show up on your blog.

Screenshot (809)

The Deals URL has been deleted as mentioned before and if you look below you’ll see the red Remove that you can use to delete any item that you no longer want in your menu.

The indented sub items (like “Free Consultation”) are the ones that will appear under the drop down.

Everything in the menu structure can be moved into place by simply pointing your mouse cursor over it, and then dragging it to wherever you want it to show up.

After you have everything arranged, scroll downwards and hit Save Menu.