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Step #6 – Connecting your Social Networks

Connect to all your top SOCIAL NETWORKS


Make sure people can easily find you online from the top of your sidebar!

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 4.50.33 PM

Navigate to Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets > Sidebar.

Right at the top of that sidebar, you’ll see “Social Media Widget: Choose where to connect with us!

Screenshot (598)

Click on the upside down triangle and it will bring you to General Settings where you can begin the customization.

Screenshot (599)

You can change the Title if you want to, and the Widget Text area can be used for a brief description that would show up between the Title and Social Media Icons but we chose to leave it blank.

The next area is where you control the appearance of your widgets. With Icon Size you can make them bigger or smaller, and with Icon Pack you could turn them into sketches, hearts, cutouts or even upload your own custom icons!

Screenshot (601)

All the other areas you can leave as is, since we have already optimized them for you. You can change the order of your icons by simply clicking and dragging into place, at this area shown below. Leave the Title and Alt blank though.

Screenshot (602)

Right below that, you’ll see the following categories of links.

Screenshot (603)

Click on each to find the relevant social networks and where to paste your profile URL. You will find that we have linked some of them to your contact page, but all you have to do is delete the /contact/ and replace it with your full URL for the corresponding site, https:// and all.

Screenshot (604)

Do the same for all the sites you want to link to, and simply delete the /contact/ from any whose icons you don’t want to display at all.

One area that’s a little different is the Email which is under Social News & Feeds. When you get there simply highlight the and replace that with your real email address. Leave the mailto: intact and place your address right after the colon. Do not leave any spaces here.

Screenshot (605)

When you finish making all the changes you desire, scroll to the bottom of that widget and hit Save.

Screenshot (606)