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The black & white sidebar ads

Leave them as they are, or make custom changes


Learn how to change the offer, image and links with ease!

Screenshot (790)

Each of the above ads is linked to a corresponding location on your blog. They can also be linked to a site outside of your blog if you want to.

Here’s how you can customize them:

You can create an image of your choice and have it say whatever you want. Here is a simple tutorial on how to easily create graphics for yourself. Make sure your images are 125 x 125 pixels.

Next, you need to upload those new graphics to your media library. Go to + New > Media and follow the prompts to select images from your computer and add them to your dashboard.

Screenshot (608)

When the images are all uploaded, they will show up beneath the upload box. Click Edit, and it will bring you to this screen where you can copy the URL of the file you just uploaded.

Screenshot (609)

Open a new tab and navigate to Dashboard > Your Theme Name > Banner Ads Sidebar Widget (125 x 125)

Screenshot (791)

Banner Ad #1 – Image Location is where you will paste the URL from the image that we uploaded above, and Banner Ad #1 – Destination is where you will put the link for the page or site that you want that picture ad to connect to.

Do the same for all the images and Save All Changes when you finish.

If you would like to increase or decrease the number of ads shown, simply navigate to Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets > PSMU Ads 125 x 125. Click on the upside down triangle icon and you’ll see a place to change the number of ads to show. The number you choose can be anything from 1 to 6, but keep in mind that they will look best in even numbers.

Screenshot (611)