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What is a theme?

Looks and substance really do matter!


Themes control the aesthetics and unique features on your blog.

This is what WordPress has to say about themes:

WordPress Themes

You can describe a theme as being responsible for providing the overall look and feel, plus the content display features and locations on your blog.

The theme not only determines the layout of the home page, but colors and fonts too. The theme also decides the design of posts and pages (templates), widget locations, and easy controls on the back-end for us non-techies out there!

The theme that comes by default with WordPress is about as plain Jane as possible. What differentiates a blog from the start, is the theme that is selected.

Themes change the aesthetic look of your blog, while leaving the core functionality of WordPress (the most popular blogging/website platform online) in place.

There are thousands of WordPress developers that are creating new themes as we speak, meaning more and more choices for you. But here’s the catch…

Not only do themes need to look and provide all the right features in the way you want them, but they need to be MAINTAINED over time. Themes, like any other code gets old and outdated…even from the most popular theme developers online. This causes all kinds of potential problems from increased threats by hackers to things that simply stop working.

The last thing that any business owner wants is to go along their merry way, and not know that their theme developer stopped supporting one of the most important elements of their company’s online presence, their blog’s theme.

So how can you stay out of this trap?

This is why we offer four themes on the PSMU Blogging Service that are maintained 100% of the time to be compatible with the constant and latest updates from WordPress and hacker defenses!

You’ll never have to worry about your theme going out of date, developing loopholes that hackers can exploit or losing functionality because that feature is no longer compatible with WordPress.

Please be sure to take the PSMU theme tours and live demos accessible within the “BEFORE YOU START” area of the sidebar to this site.

Each of these themes were hand selected to by top Network Marketers to work well with the unique demands of the business.

You can switch between themes at any time, however I would READ THIS first!