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What is WordPress?

The most used website creation software online today


This article explains what WordPress is, outlines the options for you as a blogger and gives you all the reasons why we exclusively use WordPress on all PSMU blogs.

Here’s what one of the top search results in Google says about WordPress:


There are some distinct advantages of using WordPress:

  • It is open source, so it is free.
  • WordPress software is used to power nearly one out of every four new sites that go up on the internet today.
  • Since WordPress is open source, there is really not one company that owns it. Instead, WordPress is an open source community project where tens of thousands of developers have contributed, making it the powerhouse that it is today.
  • WordPress has a core team of developers that oversee project development, but anyone can supply patches, report bugs, recommend features, etc. WordPress is a true product of many, going through constant changes and evolutions for the better.
  • Since WordPress powers roughly 20% of all sites online today, it has the largest development community that not only contributes to making it better, but adding in new functionality through PLUGINS (a must have for marketing your business).

When we mentioned above that WordPress is free, there are two different versions of free the we need to clarify. is a place where you can use WordPress for free on your domain, and not have to incur any hosting costs (paying to have your site live online on somebody’s servers). is a version of the software that can be used for free, but requires that you pay to provide or secure website hosting yourself on a monthly basis.

So why would anyone use (that runs all PSMU blogs) versus, where you don’t have to pay monthly to have it hosted?

The most important reasons to use is to have full access to all plugins.

You cannot add new plugins to There are built-in plugin features that are offered on, but not anywhere near the expanse of plugins provided by the tens of thousands of developers creating plugins for installations every day.

Creating a WordPress site, without the full use of plugins, is like marketing your business with one hand tied behind your back!